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Who is #2 for the BCS National Championship Game?

LSU Vs #2

3 Teams Alabama, Oklahoma State and Stanford vie for Number 2

Who will hold the #2 position in the BCS come Sunday: Alabama, Oklahoma State, or Stanford?

With LSU locking up the #1 position for the BCS National Championship Game the main question for voters and fans is who should be #2?  The main speculation provides that no team can surpass Alabama for the #2 position in the BCS, but with a wild Saturday of football the debate is on.

Each of the 3 teams made their case to make it into the title game. Among the remaining 1-loss teams in the Top 10 of the BCS only one of the teams holds their conference championship and that is Oklahoma State of the Big XII Conference, the result of a 44-10 victory over in state rival Oklahoma.

Lets look at each of these teams:


Statement Win: 38 – 10 vs #12 Florida in their 5th game of the season.  Alabama’s strong rushing game dominated Florida’s speed and defense.

Loss: 6 – 9 (OT) vs #1 LSU. Build as two dominant defenses butting heads.  The game lived up to its billing with each team only being able to score field goals.

Non-Conference Wins: 

48 – 7 vs Kent State

27 – 11 vs #23 Penn State

41 – 0 vs North Texas

45 – 21 vs Georgia Southern

Case for #2: With their only loss coming from the #1 LSU in overtime Alabama feels that they should get a chance to have a rematch to see if they are the best team in the country and with SEC’s dominance in the BCS Championship games should allow for the conference to have two teams battle for #1.

Oklahoma State:

Statement Win:  30 – 29 vs #8 Texas A&M in their 4th game of the season. Down 17 points at halftime the Cowboys came pack and won against the then undefeated Aggies.

Loss:  31- 37 vs Iowa State 2(OT) in their 11th game of the season.  On a day where all of Oklahoma State received word about the loss of 2 members of the OSU women’s basketball staff in a plan crash, the Cowboys allowed the Cyclones to hang around until QB Brandon Weeden threw an interception in the second Overtime and which led to the loss.

Non-Conference Wins: 

61 – 34 vs Louisiana – Lafayette

37 – 14 vs Arizona

59 – 33 vs Tulsa

Case for #2: As the Big XII Champion with one of the most high power offenses. A game against Alabama would be billed as a game of offense vs defense or SEC vs Big XII.  The game would provide fan of two conferences to see which is better.


Statement Win: 56 – 48 3 (OT) vs USC in their 8th game of the season.

Loss: 30 – 53 vs #7 Oregon in their 10th game of the season.  With the loss to Oregon, the Stanford Cardinal lost their chance for a PAC 12 Championship and fell in the polls.  With Oregon already losing to LSU, should voters give the Cardinal a chance to play against LSU?

Non-Conference Wins: 

57 – 3 vs San Jose State

44 – 14 vs Duke

28 – 14 vs #22 Notre Dame

Case for #2: The Cardinal have been one of the most consistent teams with their one loss coming against the high powered offense of Oregon and are led by the Heisman hopeful Andrew Luck.  Stanford felt like the polls have unfairly ranked them with a fellow one-loss team Virginia Tech being ranked higher despite the Cardinal beating a common opponent by a higher margin.  This match up would also allow for a PAC 12 vs SEC match-up and invite a larger audience.

The flaw in the BCS one game Championship has again been highlighted by a number of 1-loss teams that feel that they deserve a shot at the title game.  Will voters and the computers decide that Alabama deserves a rematch, should Oklahoma State have a shot of offense vs defense and Big XII vs SEC, or should the Cardinal have a shot of PAC 12 vs SEC.  All that the press and public can do is wait and see what happens and offer another case to why college football should have a playoff.