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Ahead of Free Agency Cowboys Lose Cap Space

On Monday as the NFL announced the 2012 salary cap of $120.6 million, league sources have also announced that the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins will be penalized for moves made in the 2010 uncapped season.Though the contracts and moves made during the 2010 season were approved by the NFL Commissioner’s Office.

“The Management Council Executive Committee determined that the contract practices of a small number of clubs during the 2010 league year created an unacceptable risk to future competitive balance, particularly in light of the relatively modest salary cap growth projected for the new agreement’s early years,” the league said in a statement Monday. “To remedy these effects and preserve competitive balance throughout the league, the parties to the CBA agreed to adjustments to team salary for the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

It seems the Dallas Cowboys are still paying for their nightmare 201o season, this time the Cowboys are losing $10 million against their cap space for either the 2012 and 2013 seasons depending upon how they split the penalty.

In September 2010, the Cowboys signed wide receiver Miles Austin to a six-year extension worth $54 million and paid him a $17 million base salary that season.

Also, as part of the original deal, Austin was to receive a base salary of $8.5 million in 2011, but Dallas created cap room before the season by lowering Austin’s salary to $685,000 and turning $7.855 million into a signing bonus.

The news comes days before the Cowboys look to be aggressive in the Free Agent market as far as going after cornerbacks and possible offensive line help.

Free Agency News:

The Dallas Cowboys were looking to make cornerback as the primary free-agent need after last seasons dismal showing. The two primary targets seemed to be former Tennessee Titan Cortland Finnegan and former Kansas City Chief Brandon Carr.  According Matt Mosley of Fox Sports Southwest reports that Carr is no longer the Cowboys’ No. 1 priority at CB in free agency, and has been replaced by Finnegan. With the signing of either cornerback, the tenure of CB Terrance Newman would most likely be at an end and could save the Cowboys, $6 million in cap space.

The move of making a cornerback a priority and the above cap hit could solidify Stanford Guard David DeCastro as the Cowboys likely pick in the 2012 Draft with the signing of New Orleans Guard Nicks becoming less likely.